The Battle
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Up One Deck


The Battle


Production 110

First Air Date 11/16/87

Stardate 41723.9

USS Stargazer NCC - 2893

Constellation Class Star Ship


An older Federation starship under the command of Jean-Luc Picard from 2333-2355, during which time he won the "Battle of Maxia" with a tactic later studied at the Academy as the "Picard maneuver."
Picard was assigned as a lieutenant to bridge duty when the Stargazer's captain was killed and he took command, later rewarded with a permanent captaincy.

During a truce mission in Sector 21503 in the 2350s, Cardassian forces severely damaging both the warp engines and the impulse drive. Picard ran with shields down as a sign of peace and escaped. In 2354, Picard took the Stargazer on a mission to the planet Chalna.

The Stargazer was presumed destroyed near the Maxia Zeta star system; the attacking ship was later identified as Ferengi. After the loss of his ship, Picard was cleared of any wrongdoing in the incident as a result of the mandatory court-martial hearing.

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Bridge Up One Deck

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