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Constellation Class Star Ship


On this page you will find some background information on the USS Stargazer BBS.
The USS Stargazer was a Federation Star Ship on Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek the Next Generation, but, she was not the only ship named Stargazer, There is more to know about the name Stargazer.
Seven years ago, way back on Stardate 9408.24 I bought a computer and did the normal things, like started a check book and had some games, word processing, etc. But, the most important of all I found out about the modem! Yep! We found the wonderful world about BBS's ( Electronic Bulletin Boards ) and the things you could do. You could download files, play games, leave messages, and in some systems have live chats.

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You are thinking, this sounds like the Internet! Well I guess that could be called the begging of the Internet. Any way, A year later I bought my Wildcat BBS software and installed it and worked for a month on all the screens and file areas, messages areas and all the other stuff that is required to run and maintain a BBS.
In order to do this, you had to have a Theme for a BBS. I am a Star Trek fan from way back so I picked Star Trek as my BBS Theme. I had to have a name for this Star Trek BBS, so I picked the USS Stargazer! Ta Da! The USS Stargazer BBS was born and all engines at full power!
The USS Stargazer BBS took here first caller on Stardate 9507.01 form a good friend of mine. While I was working on the BBS, I was calling all the local BBS's and found a real neat one in a small town called Lebanon Indiana. The BBS was ( note the term was, as with most BBS's now days, GONE ) was The Enterprise BBS. The Captain of that BBS is Dave Herrmann, and through messages I got to know him as a friend. Then one day he invited me over to see how he did some things. Boy, did I learn some real coos stuff to do to my BBS.
Down through the years Dave and our BBS's became close and Dave and I became the Best of friends that has lasted for seven years.
The BBS went where no BBS should have to go !
On Stardate 9712.15 the USS Stargazer BBS took here last caller.
She fought well, but, the Internet was new and had taken all the callers away.
So that was that!
The Internet give everyone a way to have there own mini-bbs called a Web Page.
OK, now with this in mind, I came up with this Web Page. Hence,
The USS Stargazer II was born on Stardate 9802.02, and I started to design the pages and the changes keep going on all the time. I hope that you enjoy them!
The Captain
Bruce Scott
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