Deforest Kelly
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Dr McCoy dies


DeForest Kelley

In Memory of Deforest Kelly


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I know that it is a little late to add this page but I have had a real bad summer and I am way behind on the web site. I found this page and I am sorry I don't remember where but though it should be added anyway.

Deforest was one of my favorite actors on TOS, it was fun to see how many was to you can say " He's Dead Jim". The other thing was the way Spock and Bones were all ways at each other even though there friendship was deeper than either of them would admit. I have most of the 79 episodes recorded and watch them often. The SCI-Fi Channel has it on and I have been re-recording some of them. My three boys love the older shows just as much as I do. Deforest will be missed by one and all. May the Lord keep and take care of him.
Bruce E. Scott ( Webmaster of the USS Stargazer II )

" He was one of a kind, a great friend and a very important part of a collection of personalities. He had the humanist point of view in the show. It fit him very well. He brought a decency and sensibility that made you want to have him around. He was a decent, loving, caring partner and will be deeply missed." - Leonard Nimoy LEONARD NIMOY CLUB

"DeForest Kelley was a Southern gentleman all of his life - a kind, good, wonderful friend. I will miss him." - William Shatner

The Leonard Nimoy Club and the William Shatner Connection are working together to keep fans up to date with information regarding memorial plans for DeForest Kelley. Thanks to the hard work of the William Shatner Connection webmaster, Robert D. Duchouquette, we offer the following:


DeForest Kelley Fellowship Fund
Harvard Medical School

A fellowship being created at Harvard Medical School to be used for training of physicians and physician scientists going into research. More information will be posted as we receive it.

Please make checks payable to DeForest Kelley Fellowship Fund and mail to:

Harvard Medical School for the DeForest Kelley Fellowship Fund c/o Mr. Timothy Welch Harvard Medical School
25 Shattuck Street, Room 306A
Boston, MA 02115

DeForest Kelley Memorial Fund
North Shore Animal League

The North Shore Animal League is an organization that has been very close to De's heart for many years. The total sum of the contributions, together with the names of the fans involved will be sent to Carolyn on a revolving basis. It is our sincere hope that with the establishment of this Memorial Fund, De's name will forever be honored in a manner befitting the warm, loving human being that was DeForest Kelley.

Please make checks payable to North Shore Animal League and mail to:

Marge Stein
DeForest Kelley Memorial Fund
North Shore Animal League
16 South Street
Port Washington, New York, 11050

Special E-mail Address:

The William Shatner Connection has created a special email address for those of you who have been sending your lovely email letters to Carolyn Kelley via The new email address is . We will print out your letters and will see to it that she receives them.

Other News

Paramount is planning a Memorial to be held at the Paramount Studio in Hollywood within the next ten to fourteen days. We will share further information as we receive it.

Official DeForest Kelley Website

The Official DeForest Kelley Website created by Sarah Marie Kilroy is located at On her 14th birthday, Sarah received a letter from Mr. Kelley authorizing her to run The Official DeForest Kelley Website.
Visit the beautiful online guestbook. Sarah created which has received literally hundreds of entries in the past few days. ( and have contacted Sarah and offered our assistance if it is needed.) From DeForest Kelley fans everywhere... Thank-you Sarah for the wonderful website and the beautiful guestbook which now contains over 800 new entries since June 11, 1999.

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Bridge Up One Deck Dr McCoy dies

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