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USS Stargazer II's
Trek: Spelling FAQ




Original Series
William Shatner James Tiberius Kirk
Leonard Nimoy Spock
DeForest Kelley Leonard Horatio "Bones" McCoy
James Doohan Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
Nichelle Nichols Uhura[1]
George Takei Hikaru Sulu
Walter Koenig Pavel Andreievich Chekov
Majel Barrett Christine Chapel
Next Generation
Patrick Stewart Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes William Thomas Riker
Brent Spiner Data
LeVar Burton Geordi La Forge
Gates McFadden Beverly Cheryl Howard Crusher
Michael Dorn Worf, son of Mogh
Marina Sirtis Deanna Troi
Wil Wheaton Wesley Robert Crusher
Whoopi Goldberg Guinan
John DeLancie Q
Dwight Schultz Reginald Endicott Barclay III
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry Lwaxana Troi
Denise Crosby Natasha "Tasha" Yar
Diana Muldaur Katherine "Kate" Pulaski
Michelle Forbes Ro Laren
Patti Yasutake Alyssa Ogawa
Brian Bonsall Alexander, son of Worf
Deep Space Nine
Avery Brooks Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
Rene Auberjonois Odo
Terry Farrell Jadzia Dax
Nicole deBoer Ezri Dax
Cirroc Lofton Jake Sisko
Colm Meaney Miles Edward O'Brien
Rosalind Chao Keiko O'Brien
Armin Shimerman Quark
Alexander Siddig[2] Julian Subatoi Bashir
Nana Visitor Kira Nerys
Max Grodénchik Rom
Aaron Eisenberg Nog
Chase Masterson Leeta
Andrew Robinson Elim Garak
Kenneth Marshall Michael Eddington
Marc Alaimo Gul Dukat
Anjohl Tennan (alias)
Louise Fletcher Winn Adami (Vedek, now Kai)
Philip Anglim Vedek Bareil Antos
James Darren Vic Fontaine
Kate Mulgrew Kathryn Janeway
Robert Beltran Chakotay
Roxann Dawson (neé Biggs)[3] B'Elanna Torres
Robert Duncan McNeill Thomas Eugene Paris
Ethan Phillips Neelix
Robert Picardo The Doctor
Tim Russ Tuvok
Jeri Ryan Seven of Nine (Annika Hansen)
Garrett Wang Harry Kim
Jennifer Lien Kes
Martha Hackett Seska

Treknology & Races

Starfleet[4] Starship Transporter
Holodeck Holosuite Replicator
Phaser Multiphasic Shields Tachyon Particles
Deflector Dish Bio-Neural Circuits Bio-bed
Maquis Jem'Hadar Ferengi
Cardassian Romulan Klingon

Additionally, there is a custom Star Trek dictionary available to add to your favorite word processor or spell-checker.

[1] Her first name has been non-canonically accepted as Nyota.

[2] This is his new stage name. His real name is Siddig El-Fadil, and he is listed as such in early episodes.

[3] In the first couple of seasons, Mrs. Dawson is listed as Roxann Biggs-Dawson.

[4] Some canon material published in the 70's and early 80's uses Star Fleet. Either is correct.

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