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Here is a little Information about the designer of this web site...


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Here is a picture of the Captain (Me) and my son David.

This was taken with a new cam that I got free from Earthlink for joining there Internet service. We live is a real small town in Indiana and the local service's were either long distance or charged $29.95 a month. We went to because they were cheaper and have a local access number.

I am a computer nut! I enjoy working on them and I also enjoy repairing them. I run my own small company at home called ARJ Systems & Data Recovery. I can build custom build systems, repair's and upgrades. We also work and install small network systems for the home and small businesses.

I am a Star Trek fan from way back to when it all started in the 60's... HeHe, now I am telling my age...(G) I ran a bulletin board or BBS for 4 years called: USS Stargazer BBS. I had to shut down all engines when the Internet took over and the callers all went to the internet for the most part...

Well, then the Internet came along and that is when the USS Stargazer II was born. I started this page over three years ago with a web page on  and Geocities. Then last year we got this domain for the page. Boy! The site has changed a lot. I have been using FrontPage 98 for some time and have went from a simple page to one with Frames and now with Themes. There are several other programs that all goes with it like Paint Shop Pro and so on... Just don't want to list them all...

Well that is about it for now...

I will be adding some Pic's of the kids as we go along so stay tuned.


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Bridge Up One Deck

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