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Welcome to the USS Stargazer II Domain
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Star date: 2008.29.12

**** USS Stargazer News ****

 I added a page for 9/11 to our database. This is just our way to remember a sad day in our country and remember our fallen American's an all the hero's.

Please go here to see more on 9/11/2001 a sad day in America

Fixed some other link problems, some image issues, a bunch of cosmetic changes. I really hate hard drive crashes. I am reworking a old copy to do this updates so if you see or find something that I missed let me know by leaving me a feedback note.
 Added some new feedback buttons from Lycos Gear on a few pages to see how they work. May not return you back to the web page, I am looking into that issue.... Also We had a hard drive crash an have lost most of the web site backup files and sad to say a lot of work that I had done and not uploaded yet! This is a page from a 3 year old back copy on a CD disk that I had made and loaded into FrontPage and reformat it to work on the site.

I will have to rework a lot of the old stuff to get the site going forward again. Sorry for the delay in the updates...

I also added some new items to the data base to day, Added more Wallpapers, a Tagline page, Midi music page, Ship Registry page, A dedication page to Scotty the worlds best engineer.

Please check out the NEW Music/Midi Database I think you will like what you will find there!

To keep alive the memory of my old BBS (Bulletin Board) I setup the Domain called There you will find out some information on my old BBS, what was used, and how it worked. Due to the hard drive crash I lost all the work I had done on this new web site, so I will have to start all over from scratch! In the next few weeks I will be working on getting the information together to put the web site in place.
Our new OPS Interface part of the site is still working great. Alot of trek fans are using it a lot... I have received several emails about it...The feedback has been very positive... Thank You for all of the positive feedback! Plus We have added a new Search Engine feature to all the Sites, Frames, OPS... The New Search Engine is provided by
To learn more click Here...


Well Santa was good to me this year. He came by and dropped off Microsoft Expression Web. It is a totally neat program and I have no idea how to use it as of yet but I  will be adding some new stuff to the site as I get some time and get use to the New version.

Captain Out!

Please check the Ship's Log for Up to date News on the site. Last Update 2008-12-30

Please feel free to leave some feedback about our site and let us know how were doing.....The Captain


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Enjoy our Ships Domain on the Web and
Thank you for Beaming Aboard !

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The Captain

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